30th July 2015


We value confidentiality, integrity and a thorough approach to ministry.

We see so many people experience great healing, freedom and breakthrough from long standing issues, at work, home, in relationships, negative habits and addictions, false comforts, marriage and health issues. It is so exciting to see people step out of the pain of the past and into the hope and freedom they have longed for.

We aim to help all those who are seeking ministry – singles and couples of all ages, backgrounds, cultures and nationalities including youth (only teams holding current, enhanced DBS certificates).

Our healing house network teams have undergone a rigorous training and qualification programme. They are accountable and updated regularly. They have a high degree of expertise and specialist experience of ministering into cultural, marital, health and generational issues.

Restoring the Foundations personal ministry is available in two formats.

Thorough Format Ministry (TFM) 

15 hours, comprising of 5 sessions of 3 hours each, normally ministered over 2.5 days.

The 5 sessions:

  1. Initial session – Interview to bring clarification on your issues. We like to be as thorough as possible and get to the roots of the issues.
  2. Sins Of the Fathers and resulting Curses – Ministering into a range of key open doors which have been affecting your life. There will be opportunity for you to experience the Lord speaking to you and the blessings He wants to give you.
  3. Ungodly Beliefs – Ministering into a number of core ungodly beliefs which have been and are affecting your life. Receiving new godly beliefs to take home is very much part of this session.
  4. Soul Spirit Hurts – Giving time for the Holy Spirit to bring healing to root hurts.
  5. Demonic Oppression – Bringing freedom from demonic oppression.
  • This format ministers into a person’s life across multiple issues and is only available through Healing House Network (HHN) teams that have completed the Restoring the Foundations training and qualification programme and released to be able to minister within the UK and internationally.
  • Couples can receive ministry (19 hrs) over 5.5 days at the same period of time. The format would consist of an initial joint couple interview, then your 5 individual sessions – over the next 5 days. There is a final couple session to share any healing received as well as giving and receiving of forgiveness where appropriate.

Issue Focused ministry (IFM)

2 – 3hrs of personal ministry

  • This format ministers into a single specific issue.
  • In IFM the 4 key areas (SOFCs, UGBs, SSHs, DO) are ministered into, following an initial interview.
  • You will go home having received an opportunity for healing and a copy of the blessings, new godly beliefs and healing words the Lord has given.

Ministry for groups, businesses and churches

As well as the individual personal ministry we also offer ministry for groups, businesses and churches – aiming for improved relationships, harmony, success, breakthrough, restoration and freedom. Details