5th April 2018

Moving Forward – Taking Ground

RTF Annual Conference for 2022.

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RTF Annual Conference 2022.

This Conference is for anyone with an interest in Restoring the Foundations to meet together and learn more about this ministry.  The conference is open to anyone who has received ministry, wants to know more about the ministry and/or go further, also anyone thinking about receiving ministry and anyone who would like to look at what we are able to offer the body of Christ.  We offer a particular welcome to church leaders, elders or ministry leaders who may be looking for ways to help and encourage their members into spiritual maturity, healing and freedom.


We are delighted that the following speakers have been invited to join us:

  • Lee & Cindi Whitman: Executive Directors of Restoring the Foundations
  • John & Patricia Bootsma: Associate Leaders of Catch the Fire North, Central and South America.


Please use the 'Register now' link below to book your place.

Please note:  Booking Fees cover Conference Registration only.  Accommodation and meals are your own responsibility.

Cancellation Policy

N.B.  With Covid regulations having been changed recently in the U.K. and uncertainty about any further restrictions into 2022, all bookings may be cancelled if you are prevented from coming due to Covid19 or if the Conference ceases to be viable because of covid travel or meeting regulations.  Please contact the conference organiser if this applies to you up to and including Monday 25th April 2022.

Hotel accommodation

Preferential rates have been negotiated with Holiday Inn Express in Burton on Trent.  These are £80 for Wednesday night and £70 for Thursday and Friday nights.  A number of rooms have been reserved on a first-come first-served basis; please quote "KAN Conference" on booking directly with the hotel.  This offer expires on 30th March 2022.  KAN also have deals with other hotels, but no rooms have been reserved at them.  Please see their website for details.  (Please note, the prices quoted on the website are not applicable because it is leading up to a Bank Holiday weekend.)

Qualified teams

There will be additional days before the conference for all qualified team members to meet together for further training and mutual encouragement:

  • Issue-focused Ministry and Church-level team members are invited to arrive on Thursday, 28th April 2022, 5:30 for 6:00 pm at meal at KAN which is included in the registration fee.
  • Healing House Network teams are invited to arrive on Wednesday, 27th April 2022, 5:30 for 6:00 pm at a meal venue to be decided.

Lee & Cindi Whitman

"Lee & Cindi Whitman carry a message of healing. Having walked through brokenness in their own life and marriage, they have been pursuing healing for themselves for many years. Now as the Executive Directors of Restoring the Foundations, they are taking the revelation of God’s healing and freedom given to Chester and Betsy Kylstra to the world.

Lee and Cindi have been in ministry most of their married life. Cindi is a gifted communicator of the things of God. She has a deep desire to see people experience the healing and freedom that is theirs in Christ. She teaches from her experiences as a wife of 37 years, the mother of three grown children, and now as a grandmother. She served at two churches as the Pastor of Women’s Ministry and many volunteer and lay positions in the school system and in the church. These experiences along with being a Pastor’s wife has given her a broad perspective of the inner workings of the church and the people that are a part of them. Cindi has a hunger for the Word and the presence of God. She has a unique ability to take the deep things of God and bring them to life in a very practical life giving, challenging way.

Lee was a Pastor for 6 years and then became a part of a Christian Counseling ministry. During the 18 years as a Christian Counselor he began to see a frustrating pattern. People would come to counseling and receive wonderful ministry and leave free from the struggle for which they came. Then 2, 3, 4 years later they would return needing help with a similar issue. He began crying out to God for answers as to why these sincere Christians could not keep their freedom. God answered his prayer by leading him (and Cindi) to Restoring the Foundations.

Lee is an excellent communicator. He is relational, funny, authentic and vulnerable. People are drawn to Lee as a person and as a leader. He brings life wherever he goes.

Lee and Cindi were introduced to the ministry of Restoring the Foundations by a friend of theirs, James Goll. When they heard Chester and Betsy Kylstra present the four ministry areas of Restoring the Foundations, The Holy Spirit said to them, “This will work!” From that moment they left everything else behind to spread the ministry of RTF because it really does work!"

John & Patricia Bootsma

"John and Patricia Bootsma, have been pastoral leaders with Catch the Fire Ministries for twenty-five years, presently as Associate Leaders of Catch the Fire North, Central and South America. Patricia is an International prophetic voice, has launched and led Houses of prayer for many years and has authored three books: Convergence, Raising Burning Hearts (Parenting and Mentoring Next Generation Lovers of God) and a Lifestyle of Divine Encounters. John and Patricia are the parents of six children and grandparents of six who all passionately love Jesus."

April 29th, 2022 7:00 PM through April 30th, 2022 5:30 PM
Kingdom Advance Network
Hawkins Lane
Burton on Trent
DE14 1EJ, Staffordshire
United Kingdom
Event Fee(s)
Conference Fee £ 30.00
IFM & Church level teams (Thursday to Saturday) £ 50.00
HHN Team members (Wednesday to Saturday) £ 70.00