30th July 2015

Transforming your Business

This a specific form of RTF that focuses on changing organisations for good.  Transforming Your Business (TYB) in the UK and Europe is based on the book by the same name written by Chester Kylstra.

Like an individual, an orgainsation is seen as a legal entity and so can experience the same spiritual problems such as:

  • Employee issues / relationship issues
  • Financial issues
  • Customer / members leaving
  • Lack of growth / ministry
  • Supplier issues / interrelationship issues

If you suspect that your organisation is being hindered, stolen from, blocked from moving into its destiny.   Or if your organisation seems to face unsolvable, intractable problems, then it may be time to learn how to apply Restoring The Foundation principles as ministered through Transforming Your Business (TYB).

Transforming Your Business (TYB) is not directly part of Restoring the Foundations, but is still overseen by Chester and Betsy Kylstra, the founders of RTF. This ministry is available in the U.K. Contact Chester through the website ‘Proclaiming His Word‘. Please note – this will open in a new tab.