30th July 2015

Issue-Focused Ministry

Issue Focused Ministry (IFM) is designed for ministry to one issue in a person’s life within a three-hour session.  This ministry format is ideal for the local Church to apply within a ‘small group’ or ‘life group’ setting.  The training consists of 3 steps:

Step 1 – Attend an RTF Introductory seminar OR watch the Seminar online with an associated workbook.

Step 2 – Watch the “Issue Focused Ministry Video Observation Course” online (IFMVOC), available from https://rtf.mykajabi.com.  This includes reading “Healing and Freedom”, a 64-page book available in digital form as part of the course, but also available to purchase as a physical book from http://rtfresources.co.uk/

Step 3 – Attend a live RTF “Issue Focused Ministry Training Seminar”.

This page is currently being re-written.  Please come back later to see the updated information.