30th July 2015

Thorough Format Ministry

This level is designed for those who already trained and been released as RTF Issue Focused (3 hour format) Ministers and who wish to progress to be trained in the 15 hour Thorough-Format Ministry of RTF.  The training consists of 4 steps:

Step 1 – Study the online “Essential Ministry Training” video and read the “Restoring the Foundations” book.

Step 2 – Watch the “Thorough Format Observation Video Course” (TFOVC) available online

Step 3 – Receive Thorough Format Ministry – if you haven’t already done so within the last 18 months.  This step may also be included in the final ‘live’ training step

Step 4 – Attend a live Thorough Format Ministry Activation.

This page is currently being re-written.  Please come back later to see the updated information.